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Pedále protiskluové Alu Marwi SP-828

Pedály protiskluové Alu Marwi SP-828
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Kód: 2177
Kategória: Flat/Pevné

Pedal type
"3 Component Pedal" comes with:
Aluminium body, die cast, shiny ball polished or electro dyed black
Cage made from black Polypropylene
Extry-large tread surfaces made with a TPE (Thermo-Plastic-Elastomer) "non slip" in grey.
Adjustable and light weight "cone & ball" bearing systems, on both sides
With 13 x 3/32" bearing balls each side
Boron-steel, heat treated to 75HRA (+/-3) case hardness
With 9/16" x 20TPI threading
Retro Reflectors
Integrated in cage
Approved (BS, JIS, TPP) and according to German StVZO regulations
111* x 90 x 27 mm (*Length x Width x Height)
*Length = maximum pedal length while mounted (protruding out of the crank)
516 g/pair